Big Sexy aftermath

The beers were consumed. The troupes went home. The glass was swept into the trash. The wristbands were discarded after vain attempts to rip them off ended in frustrating runs for the kitchen shears…

Big Sexy 2012 is at an end. (Should you want to keep the memories alive check out the FB page for sketches from Brad McEntire and photos from Tyler Bryce)

It was everything we hoped it would be. Improvisers got to have fun performing, experiencing new formats, learning new skills at workshops, and knocking a few back with new and old friends. However, one of the coolest things about festivals isn’t the interactions between performers, but the audience experience. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve told someone I do improv only to get the response “oh like stand up”.

Well… um… no…

I feel like it’s a bit hard to get the idea of improv across sometimes. In improv the possibilities are endless: one act plays, games, linear storylines, disconnected scenes, improvised stylized theater such as Shakespeare or Tennessee Williams… like I said ENDLESS! What do all of these have in common? These shows are completely made up, with no plotting ahead of the suggestion. Each time improv artists create a piece, it is a special bit of theater shared between performer and audience member. It is never repeated, never experienced again. Improv is interactive too in that the energy and suggestions of the audience feeds the creation of the performers. Sometimes this comedy form gets dismissed, but when you come to an improv show you’re watching brains spin a story just for you. That’s pretty special.

So to come to a point, the cool thing about improv festivals is that it gives those who do not perform improv a chance to see a wide variety of art forms as everyone shares the same anticipation of the unknown together. We all know how Romeo & Juliet ends… but no one, not the audience or the performers, knows how an improv set will begin, evolve, or end. Hopefully, when the audience leaves, they not only enjoyed a fun evening but have a better understanding of improv and how unique it is!

Enough rambling for now. Time for some rest before a summer of madness. Enjoy the magical memories, and let’s make some more soon ok?


One thought on “Big Sexy aftermath

  1. dribblefunk says:

    Very fun fest this year! Congrats on getting up the WordPress, too!

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