July wrap-up!

Hey guys! We had so much happen in July! 

  • fundraiser for Brad McEntire’s show CHOP
  • fundraiser for Kel’s Belle’s to support the fight against Ovarian Cancer
  • Pocket madness celebrating The Victims 6 year anniversary
  • 3 troupes performing at IFO 2012 in Norman Oklahoma
  • showcase for levels 2,3 and 4


draft party for Extreme Improv Challenge Season 3!!!

This is only my second season to participate, but making up new games and trying new things is a blast. While I get to stay with my team from last season, I remember how fun it was to play with new people for the first time and grow as a team. There are more teams, and more people involved this time including some people who didn’t know each other before the draft. Having more performers involved means seeing more unique talents. Everyone brings their own unique stories, knowledge, and backgrounds into improv.

That being said: come see some new stuff along with some old favorites at the first Challenge show of the season next Saturday August 11th at Cafe Bohemia.

oh yeah… know what else happened? WHIFFLE BALL! BAM!



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