Monthly Archives: November 2012

Because improv scenes happen so fast, as a teacher/director I’ve gotten in the habit of writing down a sentence or two to help me remember the scene when I give notes. I also might write down a line or two from the scene because it was a great line… or a terrible one.  I now have notebooks full of random phrases (I hope I don’t leave one out in a public place where a stranger might find it. These notebooks will make for confusing and possibly disturbing reading). Oddly enough, the titles and brief notes I’ve taken jog my memory, and I can still remember who was in certain scenes and what the scene was about. Some of these scenes were performed years ago, and I have seen hundreds since then. Not sure why this is. I think it’s interesting though. Anyway, these are some of the things I’ve written down in my notebooks. Yep, this is what I’m scribbling when you’re performing.
Robowars 5000
Kenyan Adoption
Sex change… too long
Sissy Man Illegal Immagrant
Eating fine single mom
Grandmother hates you
Origami Squad
Fake boobs
He hold my hand
He hold your hand?!
Did I mention what goes good with Kool-Aid…? Vodka
Coffin with baby in it
Debbie threatened her
Phobia about sacks
Jimmy went missing
Abusing psychologist
Bad Irish movie
I’d like to see a parka on that guy
Pet store prostitution
Hookers being hired to clean
Goldfish funeral
Instant Thanksgiving
No chews, no service
(In the scene) Missing underwear (my note) Creepy (in the scene) “Uncle” Jo (my note) Creepy (in the scene) beat down on Ralph, don’t want to be like Jo (my note) Creepy
Catch that fish that bit my nipple off
Do fish have nipples?
Pepperoni nipples
Milking women
Boobie DVD
I’m 80 and I don’t mind saying what I think
Justin Bieber slumber party
I go into caves all the time
Gold Star! Well Done!
Love sack
It’s more fun when you sneak in
Toddler stripper
Zeitgeist = bad name for a baby
Turkey basters = masturbation… semen… dick jokes
Divorce torture show
Pizza & shoes – WHAT IS THIS!
Pimp your shopping cart
Luke you killed Rachel
Dinosaur musical
I got enough C4 down there to blow up a zoo
Peanut Yoga
Kill this!
Peanut Pie!
Grandma lesbian
Old people don’t say “awesome”
Working in the hot sun for God
Hairy pits
Anything can go in meat loaf
Pimped out tree house
The Slammer
Dentists don’t care
Dumbest person ever
It’s important to be good, because of your unfortunate looks
I don’t like it when kids make fun of me
Meat monster
I like slides better than people