Improv Goals for 2014

In the spirit of New Years, we came up with goals and things we would like to work on as improvisers in the upcoming year!


  • I want to work with new people, and I will. The ACT will be auditioning new actors this year. So, if you want to work with us, contact us via email for more info.
  • I want to produce new formats in 2014, and I will. New shows are in the works.
  • I want to be more relaxed onstage. As the producer of the show, I’m sometimes focused on things that are going on out in the house, or backstage and that stuff comes with me onstage. Need to let that go, relax, have more fun, and play.


  • My first goal is to see more shows out of town. Specifically formats I’ve never or rarely watched, like full-length improvised musicals, fan fiction themed shows, or period pieces.
  • Secondly, I want to take more workshops. Everywhere. I can probably roll this in with goal number one and make a fun weekend of it.
  • Third, I want to be more physical onstage. Whether this is playing a dog in a scene, or just walking a little differently I feel like these are thins I don’t do nearly enough.


  • Find the happiness in every scene.
  • Visit Chicago and see more improv.
  • Break habits and form new patterns.


  • I want to do more two-man stuff. The format can be stupid hard, but the possibilities and growth potential is enormous.
  • I want to gender bend more easily. I spend a lot of time playing characters that come easy to me, and I end up hating them. I have a hard time making my female characters believable and not typical, I’d like to get better at that.
  • I’d like to try my best to not go blue, even when the scene calls for it. It sounds impossible, but I’ve seen great improvisers do it and be successful at it an I want to give it a try.


  • Become more dynamic
  • Festivals!
  • Charity shows

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