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GETTING TO KNOW… RAM (Random Access Memory)

Continuing our getting to know you series… we introduce you to RAM! See them at 7pm on July 12th! You can also read more about the shows and troupes on the website!


* Tell us about your troupe name.
Our troupe name is Random Access Memory; it’s a reference to our format, the Armando, which requires monologists to whip out random memories, and of course wordplay on computer RAM. It’s geeky like us I guess.

* How do you guys prepare for a show? Anything crazy?
We don’t do anything CRAZY crazy to prepare, we tend to just be ridiculous. We’re constantly making up new warm-up games, singing made-up multi-part acapella songs to each other, sometimes making elaborate group prayers, really often jumping on each other and otherwise not respecting anyone’s personal space. We just have fun goofing off, sometimes like an hour straight of bouncing off the walls, and carry that happy dynamic on stage with us.

* What was your favorite moment in improv/favorite thing about improv?
It’s hard to give one favorite improv moment or thing between a group of people, but one of them was our very first show, which we didn’t expect much fanfare for but ended up being completely packed with a really supportive audience, and our first guest monologist was hilarious, so we really enjoyed ourselves. I guess one favorite thing about our format is that by having a new guest monologist each show we get to involve lots of different people from the community who we wouldn’t have otherwise hung out with and get to hear their hilarious stories. We get to just be the audience for that part of our show, and then we spend our entire stage time making fun of it, so it’s great.


Getting to know… Shades of Brown

The 6th Annual Big Sexy Weekend of Improv is only weeks away and we want you as excited as we are! One of the fun things about festivals is getting the opportunity to see new troupes and new types of shows. This is the beginning of a series of posts to introduce you to the performers at this year’s festival!

Today we’re getting to know Shades of Brown from Dallas, Austin TX. Read about them below and see them perform at 7pm on Saturday July 12th!

*Tell us about your troupe name.
Shades of Brown – started as a troupe of purely Latino improvisers. Thus the name. But the truth is everyone is a Shade of Brown so we’ve become inclusive to other cultures. What is important to us is to ensure that all cultures and genders feel welcome to participate in Improv.

*Each time we see SOB, we see a new and unique format. How do you decide when to switch, and how do you develop a new show?We don’t have any real formula of when or how. Sometimes we get together and brainstorm, other times one of us will come up with an idea and the rest of the team will approve or offer feedback. Our formats again are based on exposing culture. This year we are debuting our brand new format based on and called the Narcocorrido. This is a much more serious subject than we’ve tackled in the past (Mexican Soap Operas, Luchadores, Dia De Los Muertes). But it’s important to us that all facets of culture are expressed. Not just the easy to swallow stuff, like breakfast tacos.

*What is one of your favorite improv moments?
When I first started with the Shades, I had a tendency to die in shows. Partially because of my own morbid sense of humor and partially because someone (I won’t mention Monica’s name) was on an Improv killing spree. In this particular show I died because I jumped in front of a bullet for my brother. In the same show Monica became a penguin with mystical powers. The show ended with Monica using her penguin powers (which included slapping me on the head with her wings multiple times) to resurrect me. I think the lights went out on the whole audience and cast laughing.