Getting To Know… Dribble Funk

Hey guys- We’re getting closer to the festival and we want you to know a little more about all the performers. Today we give you a mini interview with Brad McEntire of Dribble Funk. See the performance on Saturday July 12th at 7pm!

*Tell us about your name.
When I started developing the solo format that would become Dribble Funk back in 2005, I had this list of rejected comedy troupe names in an old notebook. There were a bunch of names like Runny Poo, Foodstamp Tyrants, Trainsick Hobos, Lost Airship of Spotted Owls…
One of those names was Dribble Funk. It is a wonderful nonsense combination. I didn’t know what the format would turn into, but I needed something for the posters. After all these years, I have grown to really like it. 

* When you were a kid, who were your comedy heroes?
I liked a bunch of stuff. From elementary school through college I had a kind of informal comedy hobby going on. I liked everything, too. I had phases where I was super into the Marx Brothers, Keaton, Chaplin, Danny Kaye, Will Rogers, Steve Martin, Kids in the Hall, Robin Williams, Belushi, Bill Irwin and on and on. I would devour everything I could find on a person. Before the internet I kept these big binders filled with xeroxed magazine and newspaper articles. I used to photocopy stuff out of books – like whole chapters. I would go to the library and make copies from the microfiche machine (remember those things?). I had whole collections on people. In college I started studying “serious” theatre and the internet kinda started to come into my life, so I put the binders away in storage. I’ve kept some of them. I come across them from time to time when I am repacking or something. 

* What is your favorite thing about solo performance?
It scares the shit out of me. Every single time. That’s the main reason I keep coming back to it.

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