Getting to know… LOCKED OUT Comedy

Read a little more about LOCKED OUT Comedy below and see them at Big Sexy on Friday July 11th at 7pm!

*How did the performers in LOCKED OUT Comedy meet?
Part circumstance. Part fate. And part Craig’s List. Sorta. A number of us knew each other when we use to be ComedySportz. But when we became Locked OUT Comedy, we all just kind of found each other through spontaneous auditions and our love for improv. Our Troupe has evolved so much in the past 6 years and fortunately, we’ve grown even stronger together. In fact 2 of our Troupe members got engaged and married. That wedding was super fun for us. We don’t really call ourselves a Troupe as much as we call ourselves a family.


*Tell about the shows LOCKED OUT performs in the area.
We currently perform twice a month a head-to-head competitive improv show that showcases two teams competing for audience laughs up in Plano, TX. It’s fast, fun and clean for all audiences. That show we can take on the road and have many times. We’ve performed that type of show for schools, festivals, fundraisers, religious organizations and even a bachelor parties which was tons of fun. We were once hired to make random knock knock jokes in the middle of the night without a punch line and we’ve had the pleasure of being on local radio a couple of times. I suppose we’ve been hired to perform all sorts of events all over the country for all types of audiences with shows catered to all types of client’s ask.

Once a month, at the Addison Improv Comedy Club, we produce an elimination-style improv show called The Humor Games that often starts with 12 improvisers, and by the end of the show, audience votes have helped dwindle the cast down to one ImproVictor(ia). Think “Whose Line…” Meets “Hunger Games.” It’s a great show that includes LOC cast, improv students and often improvisers and comedians from all over the metroplex. It’s such a blast and we love bringing together improvisers from all over with their vast experience and playing together. On July 22, we’ll be at Hyena’s Comedy Club performing a show in honor of a great guy who use to do sound for us. He may not be with us anymore but he’ll never be forgotten.


*What do you find most fun in improv?
In Improv, it’s incredibly rewarding to experience life through a series or infinite emotions and characters and know that your mistakes will be embraced as acts of brilliance. The most fun about performing with LOC is we all have a pretty great grasp of each others strengths and weaknesses so we know how to exploit that for good. Although not a show goes by where we don’t surprise each other. It’s really wonderful.


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