Getting to know… Motley Players

Check out the paragraphs below to learn more about local troupe Motley Players. See them perform on Thursday July 10th at 7pm.

Tell us about the variety of shows Motley Players performs.
We have two performance lives. During the months of April and May we are on stage at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. We perform 4 shows a day every weekend during the run of the faire.They run about 25-30 minutes long and are, for the most part, short form improv. The last show of the day We even sell water balloons for people to throw at us as we perform. We consider it instant feedback.
The rest of the year we do a monthly show at an indoor venue. The first half is short form and the second half long form. 
What is one of your favorite things about improv?
The thing we like best about improv is the spontaneity. Creating something that didn’t exist before that people in an audience can appreciate as creative and funny. Another thing would be the support. To know you’re out there with a group of people you can trust to not leave you hanging and who just get the direction you might be going with something.
How did the Motley Players meet?
The founders met and bonded over role-playing games, role-playing led to renaissance faire excursions and that led to performing. We founded our group in 2003 doing a Shakespeare parody show at faire and slowly it morphed into improv.



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