Getting to know… Your Dad’s Friends

Get an inside look into the troupes at Big Sexy… read more about Your Dad’s Friends from Austin below and see them on Thursday July 10th at 8:30pm!

Tell us about your troupe name:
Your Dad’s Friends are old.  Seriously old.  Like, as old as your dad.  We are pretty sure that we are not your dad.  But, we could be his friends.  

What do you love most about doing improv?
We are encouraged to be loud, boisterous, and playful.  This is what life should be about.  

Your Dad’s Friends are a ‘super-troupe’ of experienced performers. What would you tell those new to improv, or interested in learning more?
Give yourself permission to suck at the things you want to learn how to do.  You will never be worse at something than the first day you try it.  Stick with it, learn from every choice you make, and if you aren’t laughing, chances are you are the asshole.  

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