Getting to know… Red Dirt Improv

Meet our friends from Okalahoma…. RED DIRT! See them at the festival on Saturday July 12th at 9pm!


*How did the members of Red Dirt meet?
Many of us met through a college improv troupe (O.U. Improv!) in Norman, OK, with the following exceptions: Kenny met Dave at a craft fair; Mary met James at a boy scout camp; Tyler met Jay six years before Jay met Tyler.
*What advice do you have for those new to improv or wanting to learn more?
When people begin improv they always try to be funny. While humor is great, a better skill for improv is building off your teammates. If you can do that, the funny comes naturally.
If you want to learn more, take an improv class or go to an improv jam. A class is a great chance learn the basics and possibly meet someone else who can start a troupe with you.
*What do the members of Red Dirt Improv find hilarious?
We love to kill each other in creative ways in warmups and practice. We love setting each other up for a very specific type of death, then we shoot a gun instead. We don’t know why, but it always makes us laugh.



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