Getting to know… Unicorn Clearance

Hey guys- this mini blog post features one of our family friendly troupes at Big Sexy performing on Saturday July 12th at 5:30pm. Below Jeff Swearingen tells us a little more about Unicorn Clearance.

*Tell us about your name.
Unicorn Clearance was a name the kids liked and would agree on. I really like it, the idea of a magical beast being marked down in price to make room for some other inventory is amusing to me.

*How do you get ready for a show?
We do the old warming up. Typical stuff. Then we exchange Mine Craft tales or worship Shrek. Some talk of the Avengers usually takes place.

*What is your favorite thing about improv?
My favorite thing about improv is that it feels like recess to a performance artist. It feels like that. Like when the teacher just gave you free time to draw or whatever.


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