Getting to know… Rory Scholl!

Rory is here from New York to entertain! See him this Friday at 7pm and read below for a bit more about the man behind the laughs.

* Tell us about your show this year.
Rory And Friends is a show I produce in New York that is all musical comedy,( improv written, group, solo,) with acts that are friends of mine I have worked with before or know from other walks of life. SO all the acts are actual friends. For Big Sexy its all improv music though. Its like a John Denver show if John Denver hung out with drunks and jerks.  its just me on guitar but I will have a beatboxer for a little rap action.

* When you were a kid, what did you find hilarious?
I’ve always loved sarcastic assholish humor…Marx Brothers, Bugs Bunny, Oscar the Grouch,  Animaniacs….rude sassy sarcastic humor that play off someone….thats what I lve about improv…playing off others actions…also British humor resonated with me as a kid…Monty Python, Danger Mouse…absurdist stuf..Now-a-days there’s nothing funnier than watching a kid fall down…I mean just lose it on the street. Oh. Thats good.

* What is your advice to those new to improv, or those who want to learn more?
Don’t do a bad impression of something you’ve seen on SNL or Comedy Central or a movie…Ive seen new improvisers do bad impressions of Amy Poehler’s little kid character, to quoting Zoolander. Be yourself …or if you dont know who you are, find it out by exploring. Its like dating…dont say what you think they want to her, say what you want to say!  And fuck up. Id rather screw up royally being original ( Oh, and I have) with something originall than get a half ass laugh quoting Bridesmaids


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