Hammock District and Panda Butt… what they love about improv!

Tonight is opening night of the festival! We’re so excited that the day is finally here. It’s time to have some fun, and we want you to join us so head over to improvact.org and get tickets now!

Two of the troupes performing tonight, Panda Butt and Hammock District, share their favorite things about improv below.

Hammock District:
* What was your favorite moment in improv/favorite thing about improv?
On stage with multiple strangers, one learns a lot about them, and about oneself. That’s the best part: the learning. It’s cool when you say something funny and the audience laughs and you experience real fleeting joy; that’s good too. But the other thing, the learning, that’s what’s so unique about improv. And learning is failure. And that’s important. Failure sticks with you, it lasts, and it’s more common. Failure is improv. We’re all failures. We fail, and that’s how we learn.

Panda Butt
*What is your favorite thing about improv?
Improv can take you anywhere. it gives you the ability to be or do whatever you want in an instant. Climbing on stuff is fun.


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