John’s 2014 Favorites and 2015 Goals

Favorite Moments of 2014

The ACT broke a long-standing attendance record at Pocket Sandwich Theater in August.  It was insane that night! We put on a hell of a show because of the incredible energy the audience brought in with them.

What has now become known as “The Foot Scene.”  Kyle and BK were fearless, and kept escalating a scene to incredibly uncomfortable heights. FYI – They ate an entire pack of my Listerine strips backstage after that show.

Big Sexy VI – That was the best Big Sexy so far, and I am inspired to make Big Sexy 7 even better.

Goals for 2015

After a long break, The ACT plans to teach improv classes again! We are currently working on making that a possibility, so please be patient and check back with us soon.

That attendance record… I want to shatter it this year.

I want to get other improvisers in The  ACT to apply to, hopefully get accepted to, and then attend comedy festivals around the country. It’s a big beautiful world. Go see it, laugh, and make other people laugh.

I want to work with new performers (Not that there’s anything wrong with the people I’ve been working with in the past of course).


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