Getting to Know… Stephen Linings Kingbook

Get your horror film fix with troupe Stephen Linings Kingbook at Margo Jones Theater on Saturday June 27th at 7pm!

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Troupe name:
Well one of us is named Stephen Linings and the other one of us is called Karl Kingbook. Upon celebrating the deserved critical acclaim the new American classic film Silver Linings Playbook was receiving, it just made sense to hop a ride on that sweet gravy train by cleverly combining our names.  So we joined together like a two-part Vultron and became STEPHEN LININGS KINGBOOK. And also now wish trains of gravy were a reality.

Both of us are HUGE horror fans especially in film form like the Twilight films for example. Those are so terrible that it’s downright terrifying! But it’s sagas like that of Bella Swan that inspired us, famed horror film directors that we are, to present a new horror film of ours to a live audience at each of our shows. It also allows the horrors in the recesses of our minds to escape. Mostly a lot of acid flashbacks but still.

Improv moments:
Earlier this year, we were asked to appear at the Miami Improv Festival where we presented on of our more dramatic films which was very rewarding. It delved into the sacred bond between devoted mother and creepy murderous son that could almost be an homage to Psycho if so much of the plot wasn’t developed inside of the many convenient Men’s Warehouse locations and a Jamba Juice. It was untitled because we’re true artists at heart. I mean, have you been to art museums? So many untitled paintings!

Warm ups/pre show rituals:
Not unlike Hunter S. Thompson, we have a very strict drug and booze administering schedule we abide by. Directors (yes, even the golden boy Stevie Spielberg) tend to party like a sixteen year old does when their parents are away. That’s just bad parenting though because we all know what happens to those Ferris Bueller types. We also play this game where we take turns saying a sentence starting off with each letter of the alphabet from A to Z. It can be pretty challenging when your short term memory is at goldfish status.

Outside of improv:
We’re flown around the world in our private streamline jet by our pilot, Stone Cold Steve Austin. It’s our shared view that people can only truly grow by experiencing other cultures. And we don’t just mean grow in your pants either! I mean, just go to the actual Hogwarts castle in England and try to tell us you’re not a wizard! Especially if your name’s Harry!

Stephen Linings Kingbook


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