Getting to Know… Butter!

Love seeing something unique? Give troupe Butter a try! Learn more about this improvised clowning troupe below and see them at Big Sexy on Friday June 26th at 7pm!

Tickets for the show!


Tell us about your troupe name.
We were hanging out having coffee and talking about naming our duo. Then we jokingly started talking about using butter as our name. Then we started talking about how we liked the sound of butter. Then we started talking about how it was just so fun to say and it stuck. What do you like on your toast? Butter. What do you like to put on your pancakes? Butter. You like butter on your buns? Yes.

How did you develop your format?
We developed our format out of a combination of our training with traditional theatrical clowning and how we wanted to have fun with it. Traditional theatrical clowning involves direct eye contact and connection/interaction with the audience members and creating a relationship of interaction between ourselves and the audience. We combined that with playing how to woo or seduce the audience and the failure with that. We wanted to see what the limits are when we try and fail and try again to attract another.

What is one of your favorite improv moments?
One of our favorite moments is when the audience wants to play either through movement and/or sounds.  They are showing us that they want to be involved and that they are having fun.  We go into the audience and they end up supporting us and justifying our offers.  It’s fun to see the audience enjoy themselves.

How do you guys prepare for a show? Any fun warm-ups or rituals?
Since we are a duo it is really fun and funny to try and do big group improv warm ups with just the two of us like ‘I am a Tree’ or ‘Transformation Circle’ or ‘Bunny Bunny’. We also have a ritual of counting off 1, 2, 3 back and forth and then replacing each number with a sound. Then we break off and play around the stage.

What do you like to do outside of improv?
Luke likes to sing, swim, watch sci-fi movies, and write plays/poetry. Sandra likes to binge watch TV shows on Netflix, write sketches, dance, and spend time with friends and family.


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