Getting to Know… Red Dirt Improv

Big Sexy favorite Red Dirt Improv is back and ready for fun! New to RDI? Check them out at Margo Jones at 9pm on Friday June 26th and read below to get some fun details on these players!

Ticket to see them!

Red Dirt Improv

Tell us about your troupe name.
We couldn’t agree on other names, so we went with most of our second choices – Red Dirt Improv. Our group enjoys having a name that references Oklahoma in some way.
How did you form as a troupe?
Many of us performed in a college troupe together, and wanted to keep performing after graduation.
What was one of your favorite improv moments?
Anytime an audience new to improv sees us and enjoys!
How do you guys prepare for a show? Any fun warm-ups or rituals?
We do a lot of the standard warm-up exercises, but when we get bored of those we resort to mime violence.
What do you like to do outside of improv?
We love to get together and play board and card games (like Settlers of Catan and Cards Against Humanity). We also regularly watch Game of Thrones together.


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