Getting to Know… Mirage Machine

Pocket is going to get wild for Big Sexy and Mirage Machine is going to heat it up! Check them out on Friday June 26th at 11:15pm and read below for some fun facts!

enjoy the madness and get your tix!

Visit their website!

Mirage Machine

Tell us about your troupe name.
Mirage Machine was a really hard name to come up with. Theo Daley said, “Hey, our group should be called Mirage Machine.”

And we said, “Yes.”

How did your show and format develop?
Our format was extremely loose at the beginning. All we knew is that we wanted to play together and that’s it. We recognized that every single other group on the Improv Planet were doing that. We wanted to create something different.

David Fruchter, our resident sage, came in with a suggestion of getting a dream. We all looked at each other and went, “This makes our name make sense.” It’s a weird reverse engineering process we underwent to make our work fit the name. I can’t think of many other groups that would do that.

We let this suggestion fuel our work, too. We try and do “edit-less” edits where other players will simply hop in and start a new scene. No sweeps or tag-outs, they simply start a new scene by walking out. It’s the responsibility of the other players to go, “Oh, I’m in this.” It’s a challenge but it’s also super rewarding to watch.

What is one of your favorite improv moments?
We recently did a show at the Hideout Theater (located at 616 Congress Ave. in the heart of downtown Austin). Two of our players, Manuel and Kenny, got locked into a scene at a typography school. Kenny made a crack about feeling “Comic Sans.” The audience laughed/groaned at the same time. Because Kenny and Manuel are sadistic towards the audience, they started a Font Pun Off on stage.

Also, it’s important to note that there was a keyboard on stage for the act afterwards. Mirage Machine had no intention of using the keyboard at all.

So, when the Pun Off began, another improviser COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO MIRAGE MACHINE (Tosin Awofeso) started SCORING THE PUN OFF. It was transcendent and completely unexpected. It also made the epic Pun Off even more epic.

What are some things that always make you laugh?
Existential misery. Time.


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