Getting to Know… ComedySportz

Get revved up for a crazy comedy match with ComedySportz! See them at Margo Jones Theater in Fair Park on Friday June 26th at 7pm. This is going to be fast paced high energy fun!

Get tickets!

Tell us about Comedy Sportz.
A ComedySportz® Match is comedy played as a sport where two teams go head-to-head in a competitive, down to the buzzer, swinging for the fences, all out, high energy, fast, fun, clean, improvisational showdown that’s perfect entertainment for all audiences. The whole match is improvised, so all dialog and scenes are entirely made up on the spot!

​These Players will play for Audience laughs in hopes of earning points for their team. Audiences get to participate throughout the Match by yelling out suggestions that inspire the scene and cheering for their favorite team of the night. Some audience members, if they want, could even find themselves on the field.

How do you choose games for a match?
Just like most Sports Team, our ComedySportz Teams have Captains that help lead their Team to victory. You can think of Captains as Quarterbacks. They help call the plays they think will help take their Team to the next level. So really, it’s about looking at the players on the field and determining what game might be best for the night.

What was one of your favorite improv moments?
A favorite? Oh wow. Not sure we can pick just one…um…So for those have been following us since the beginning, might know that our Troupe has a history of losing our performance space due to unforeseen circumstances. A few years back, when we had to leave our venue, we weren’t sure where or when our next show would be. So we decided to performed a special last hurrah kind of show. We didn’t know what would be made of it, except we were determined to play with heart and have a ton of fun. Well as it turns out, we have some of the best audience (or fans as we call them) who showed up and gave us packed house that was Standing Room Only. Possible one of our best shows ever. Afterwards, the crowd didn’t leave for almost 2 hours just talking to players and reliving past shows and stories. That spontaneous moment will always stick with us. We really do have some of the best audiences any Troupe could ever ask for.

How do you guys prepare for a show? Any fun warm-ups or rituals?

Before every show we warm up by getting into a mindset that’s all about being silly and having fun. We’ll play warm up games that can get us out of our heads, that help us stay on beat or rhyme just in case the night calls for any singing games and we’ll also do some exercises designed to get us all on the same wave length and be on the same page. Right before we all go out and take the field, we all look at each other, and go up to each other individually, letting everyone know that everyone has each other’s backs.

What do you like to do outside of improv?
After almost every practice or match, the Troupe will go out and grab a bite to eat together or catch a movie. A number of our Troupe members are also in plays, so we’ll go out and support them. We’ve also been known to go camping, play kickball, cheer for Knights at Medieval Times, go to the zoo, escape room with zombies and make movies together.


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