Getting to Know… Rory Scholl

You’ll have two chances to see NYC improviser Rory Scholl at Big Sexy- once in a family friendly show, once in a not so family friendly setting. Check him out at both!

Get tickets to Rory’s show!

rory workshop pic

What is one of your favorite improv moments?
I’m part of an improv group in NYC called Fake Church where we get a suggestion from the audience and build a complete church service around it. I did the music portion and brought up a kid which turned out to be our directors kid, Everyone was nervous that it would go south and or I’d poke fun at the kid, but we did three really sweet and funny songs together. It brought laughter and tears to everyone in the crowd and was one of the most satisfying times I’ve ever had on stage.

What do you find funny?
Sarcasm is always funny. Also, believing in the reality you create on stage is always great fun. I also love little kids falling. Still the best.

Where do you get comedic inspiration?
I’m inspired by other improvisers who are, and I hate this word sometimes, but fearless. That doesn’t mean cursing up a storm and yelling in every scene. That means not being afraid to throw new ideas, show formats, and concepts up at any time. Straight forward 30 minute scene shows get pretty old so I’m always inspired by improvisers who think differently.

How did you develop this show?
I developed Rory and Friends based on some strengths I think I have as an improviser. First and foremost, I enjoy crowd work. I love talking to people and playing off them. You should base your show around things you enjoy. I also like playing guitar and creating songs. This is a very immersive show for the audience. Also, the more you invite people up the less hecklers you get.  🙂
How do you prepare for a show? Any rituals?
I don’t have any hard fast rituals for a show. I do like to see who files in and try to get a glimpse of the crowd. Also, if there’s an act before me, I usually try to watch it to get a sense of what they like or don’t like based on what they’ve seen. Also, beer. Always beer.


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