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We’re getting closer to Big Sexy time, and want you to learn a little more about the troupes! This blog post features a local act you should get to know so read about them then see their show at Big Sexy on Friday July 8th at 7pm!
Want more info on their show? Get it here!
What do the members of Clarissa Explained Nothing find funny?
Liz: I feel like we channel a lot of weird stuff from everyday life into our humor.
Jane: Also, each other. We really do make each other laugh a lot. Overall, I like dry humor and angry humor. I like things that come from a place of real emotion.
Greg: Joy, camaraderie, support. Every show we work to remove these things from our improv.
John: (Looks up from a giant plate of BBQ ribs he is currently eating.) I’m sorry what was the question?
Sallie: (Stares longingly at John’s ribs hoping he will share.) People getting hurt is always funny.

If your troupe were a mixed drink, what kind would it be?
Jane: (Looks back and forth between John and Sallie, worried, before snapping back to the task at hand.) Um…I guess whiskey, neat. No mixer. We can get pretty dark.
Liz: This seems very accurate. We like to create complex characters who suffer hilarious tragedies. About half of them are kids. Or some kind of special “bespoke cocktail” that’s actually just neat whiskey. Also we like meat.
Greg: Or a Sazerac! When you just want Rye and Absinthe.
John: (Mouth and hands are completely covered in BBQ sauce.) Um… give me a minute. I need to find a towel…
Sallie: (Reaches over to try and grab a rib.) A buttery nipple?

What inspires your improv? Is it a constant or changing idea?
Jane: We’re inspired by other troupes and our own strengths. It is always evolving because we always want to improve.
Greg: I know there is some next level game I am just missing.
John: (Finds a napkin on the table and attempts to wipe his hands. The napkin completely falls apart upon contact, leaving his hands covered in a pulp of BBQ sauce and shredded napkin.) Oh jeez…
Sallie: (Manages to snag a rib and takes a big bite, bone and all.) Oh god, I think I broke a tooth.
Liz: (Finds half of Sallie’s tooth on the floor and sticks it in her pocket.)

How do you guys prepare for a show? Any fun warm-ups or rituals?
Jane: Our coach, Colten Winburn, will assign crazy characters to two of us at a time and then we do two-person, three-line scenes. It’s fast-paced and weird.
Liz: Yeah, that weird warm-up! Characters like The Little Engine that Could and someone who is running for Pope interacting, or many other crazy duos.
Greg: A child violence scene emergently appears in almost every show. We really need to put a stop to that.
John: (Tries wiping his face with his hands and smears the BBQ sauce and napkin pulp all over his face and shirt.) Gosh dangit…hang on. Just a sec…
Sallie: (Blood is dripping from her mouth but she still tries to eat the rib.) Goddamn these are good ribs. GIVE ME BACK MY SON!

What do you like to do outside of improv?
Jane: I’m really loving stand up. I try to make it out to open mics when I can. I love naps more than anything, though. Oh, and I’m also trying my hand at a webcomic on Instagram.
Liz: Writing, reading, sleeping, podcast dabbling.
Greg: (Starts drawing little pictures with his finger in Sallie’s blood.) Stand up is my hobby. Netflixin’. Dungeons and Dragons.
John: (Pulls his shirt off and uses it as a towel, further spreading the sauce over his upper torso as he wipes. He is now covered in a thin film of sauce and sweat. His face and hands have tiny bits of napkin stuck to them. He looks up in bewilderment.) I like watching YouTube videos.
Sallie: (Somehow manages to eat the whole rib, bone and all. Her mouth is severely bleeding.) I’ve been getting into ribs lately.

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