Learn more about… QuizProv

Get the inside scoop on a local favorite below. Haven’t had the pleasure of seeing QuizProv? See them at 11pm on Friday July 8th at Big Sexy! Tickets available at the website!
What do the members of QuizProv find funny?
QuizProv: When Danny has trouble tallying up the score using basic math skills he acquired in elementary school because technology has spoiled us, that’s pretty funny. Surprising the audience with concepts like “Who Said It? Trump or Cartman” makes us laugh. The people we invite on stage to play our little game with us make us laugh hard or we wouldn’t have invited them in the first place.

If your troupe was a mixed drink, what kind would it be?
QuizProv: It’s a little ode to our favorite game show that continues to inspire us in our daily lives. We call it the “Daily Double.” It’s a frothy concoction of various potent potables that no one quite knows and can only deduce by taking a sip and using their critical thinking skills to determine its contents. They must figure out the ingredients before the time runs out and the poison starts working.

What inspires your improv? Is it a constant or changing idea?
QuizProv: The show has a format and rules that may sound like it’s not a completely improvised show but hosting and bantering with the contestants before they step up to do pure improv is itself an improvised skill. We’ve learned that simply hosting a show and keeping a crowd energetic and engaged is a huge challenge and requires the right kind of confidence and personality that takes training and experience just to learn how to do on a basic level. So it changes with every show and every new audience who sit down to see us.
How do you guys prepare for a show? Any fun warm-ups or rituals?
QuizProv: We do a little pre-banter with the contestants we bring up on stage to explain the game to them because as we’ve learned, the magic of television has tricked us into thinking that contestants on a real game show know everything about the game when the host explains it to them in front of the camera. Glenn and Danny separate off and get the stage set up and then they play a little game called “Are You Nervous? No, Are You Nervous?” The way you play it is right there in the title.

What do you like to do outside of improv?

QuizProv: Obviously, we play at a lot of games. It’s hard to put a competitive spirit back in its shell once you’ve already cracked open that walnut, my friend.

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