Getting to know… Chairold!

It’s that time of year again folks. Yes, the 9th Annual Big Weekend of Improv is only weeks away and it’s time to learn a little more about who you’ll be seeing this year. In addition to show descriptions and bios online, we’re posting thing on Facebook and in this blog. Today, we’d like to introduce to you- Chairold from Oklahoma City! See them on Friday July 7th and read below for a little more insight into this troupe.

What do members of your troupe find funny?
Mixing the mundane with the absurd and running with it. Clever wordplay. Finding hidden games.

If your troupe had a mascot, what would it be?
A chair with eyes like Herbie the Love Bug. It would be accompanied by a bare-chested fireman riding a cougar while drinking Jameson on the rocks.

What inspires your troupe? Is it a constant or changing idea?
Taking the hurdles of life and finding the bizarre fun in them. We adapt as we grow as a team and as individuals.

What is your troupe’s favorite pre-show ritual?
Eating together, creating awkward moments, and quirkily moving about. We are big fans of the marathon text message complete with topical GIFs.

What advice would your troupe give to new improvisers/troupes?
Allow your concept to breathe and adapt in a way all members are validated. Appreciate the smallest moments of brightness from way of your teammates, and work hard to value your unique contributions. Mostly enjoy the journey of creating together. Always be willing to learn from anybody. Support each other both on and off the stage and beautiful things will grow from it. Get invested in one another’s lives.


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