Getting to know… After Party

We’re back with another round of Getting to know…. and today we’re introducing you to After Party from Chicago! This group of musical mavens performs July 8th at 9pm so make plans to check them out and read more about them below!

What do members of After Party find funny?
–       We love smart, fast, musical comedy. Broad City, Lucille Ball, Monty Python, Amy Poehler, Stephen Colbert, and on and on. And butts.

If After Party had a mascot, what would it be?
–       Cappy and Gertie, the cutest, funniest doggos in the world and pets of team members Ashley and Holly.

What inspires After Party improv? Is it a constant or changing idea?
–       It is constantly changing. We are inspired by our relationships, true crime shows, brunch foods, classic musicals, politics; anything and everything goes into our shows.

What is After Party’s favorite pre-show ritual?
–       Pre-Show Group Selfie! Taking a moment to connect and be silly together in private before we share it with the audience.

What advice would After Party give to new improvisers/troupes?
–       Find improv partners who make you laugh! Seek out teammates who you trust and who you enjoy being around even when you’re not performing. Have fun!

After Party


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