Getting to know… Buddy Puzzle!

Closer to festival and we’re getting you closer to Buddy Puzzle! Check them out on Saturday July 8th at 9pm!

What do members of your troupe find funny?
We like character driven work that has heart. Offstage we do character
bits that are overly dramatic and so committed we forget where the bit

If your troupe had a mascot, what would it be?
Vin Diesel (Dom) or Michelle Rodriguez (Letty)

What inspires your troupe? Is it a constant or changing idea?
Our favorite improv teams that have inspired us are The Reckoning and
Cook County Social Club. Outside of that our inspiration is always
changing. Our passion gets sparked by a podcast (mostly NPR or Tim
Ferris) or a new song we discovered. It runs as deep as a rant we heard
from some old cowboy chewing tobacco outside a starbucks. (He’s yet to
show up in one of our shows but I know he’s in there somewhere.)

What is your troupe’s favorite pre-show ritual?
We like to walk, talk and connect to each other. Lately we’ve been
reading a sonnet from Erik Didriksen’s “Pop Sonnets” and listening to
the corresponding song. We also have individual rituals (stretches, hand
stands and vocal warm ups etc.) that we like to do.

What advice would your troupe give to new improvisers/troupes?
Play with people you love who want to do the same kind of work you do.
It’s the fastest way to grow. Hell, we did it and even FELL in love and
it’s the BEST. We highly recommend it. Do be afraid to take risks, it
won’t work the first time but the only way  to learn how it works it to
fail first. As a mentor and dear friend of ours would say “don’t be a


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